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Here are some of the photos  from the Forest photoshoot  featuring a rather unique and interesting bridal bouquet .

The structure is made from jute . Jute is made from a vegetable fibre which is spun into threads. It is grown in India  and India is the largest producer of Jute in the world . So a natural sustainable material.

The roses are cream ‘Avalanche’ and the little green flower in the centre is Euphorbia Robbiae which I grow in my own garden


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We shot two models in the same dress to give different looks . The wedding dress is actually mine ,,,, though I can no longer fit into it ! I designed and made the dress.

Have lots more themes to show you over the next few days . Enjoy the photos . TTFN

Flowers                Floral to a T

Photography          CJNashPhotography

Video                      Wishbone Pictures

Models                     Trina Evans

Danielle Alicia  O’Neill

Keith Murphy

Hair and  make up      Zuzanna Sekely

Jewellery                      Niamh Spain Jewellery