Contact Floral to a T for personal designs

Phone:087 761 3332

Carrier Pigeon: Tigger TTFN

1 thought on “Contact Floral to a T for personal designs”

  1. Hi Therese,

    I came across your business card in the chemist in Monread and grabbed it as I am on the look out for a great florist for my July 30th wedding, here in Naas. I absolutely love the Alice in Wonderland style bouquet that is here on the site. I am looking for whimsical and unstructured floral arrangements using seasonal and colourful flowers and foliage. I would need a small arrangement for the alter in Two Mile House, three bridesmaid bouquets and my own bridal bouquet as well as seven button holes. Can you give me an approximate price or typical price of these?

    Thanks so much!


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