Hi, been a really busy few weeks here.  My beginners class are doing well, quite impressed with them . So far they have tackled, a horizontal design , an oval table arrangement  and a contemporary upright . Photo shows what they are attempting next , an asymmetrical design . Will be challenging . Thought I would show you examples of my work . unnamed DSC02326 Image024a I am most amused at how they are discovering where to find foliage , pooling their resources . It’s great to see that community spirit forming so quickly in a group. My town is a small  town and it has been interesting to discover that someone I know,knows another member of group, but I didn’t know they knew one another ,,, if that makes sense . I am getting better at using the computer ,,, my lack of knowledge I guess immediately pigeon holes me into a certain age category I guess,, ah well, so be it.  Next hurdle is facebook  and linking web site to it . Calls for a young one to help . Really excited  about next week . Have a meeting with a photographer friend  and we are going to have fun planning a photo shoot showcasing my designs . I would love to have good photographs , lighting is so important , not to mention a steady hand ! My daughter and some friends are looking forward to being models for the day. Should be fun .  I will of course share the day with you . What else happening ,, oh yes Flower Club . Gosh so much to do . I am Chairperson this year . So I am organizing club nights with demonstrations, education day school ,thats where we become the pupils for the day and learn a new skill.  Packed programme . Also organizing trip to Ennis Co. Clare for the AOIFA Flower Festival next June . Yep ,, way ahead of myself . Ok Some explaining to do , Flower Festival? AOIFA? Will explain next time . Now I have to take my daughter out driving , she is learning ,,, I am having  palpitations at the thought . So if I survive the roundabouts will tell you all about my world of flowers DSC02466DSC02432 Taster below .TTFN